As you can see on the pic above I am a mess as well as most humans on the planet. I can’t say No to a simple idea and when anybody offers me a new project, I jump into it without thinking about finishing all I started first.

This has lead to a big feeling of irresponsibility where I kept starting a new habit, book, video-game, idea or project and every time I quitted sooner than expected. The issue here is not starting, is the habit of not completing things.

Now how can we fix that? After some time reading…

I remember 8 years ago when I hired my first Marketing Agency to start promoting my Dancing, Music and projects. I was so excited and after talking via email with one of their team members I was seeing the bill they wanted to charge me promising incredible results. 800 Euros for promotional services monthly. Was it defined on what areas would it be used? No.

Did they claim that they could make my social media, fandom and numbers grow? Absolutely but they didn’t share at all how.

I decided to be open and trust, paid the first half (400 Euros)…

I love discovering new music, seeing where youth is going to and specially since I lived in Hong Kong for such a long time, I was really curious to listen to Julian. and his new song ‘’Blind’’ after reading Can’s Headphones review about it.

First let me say, yes, I love it! His music is positive, empowering, cheerful, full of rhythm and a bless to my ears! Julian. does know how to make a banger and ”Blind” might be one of his best songs released so far.

Apart from the great Lyric Video released for the song, I have a…

I remember perfectly how I had to do a week of Giveaways to all my friends and literally people who might find about the things I had on social media, not only was a bit embarrassing, it was also an eye-opening situation where I saw things that at first in my mind were a great idea but ended up being useless and just a product of marketing.

This things include Furniture taking space from my place, technology that I barely used, multitude of bathroom products I used once, clothing I wanted to use in the future but never did etc…

June is known as ‘’Pride Month’’ and while millions of people celebrate happily that they’re free after years of oppression, others are not as lucky or don’t feel blessed by it. Let’s science ease their pain.

I remember during my time teaching in China and Hong Kong the amount of cases I found of young people hating themselves for the simple fact of feeling attraction to their best friend, a person of the same sex at school or being confused or in denial due to a society that pushes them daily even to the extreme of suicide.

In my mind I always thought, how can I really help them? In Spain (where I come from) this issues would barely lead to such disasters as the younger generation becomes more informed, tolerant and open minded, educating like…

She has been silent for some months but I know she is preparing something big and while, I’m here to share her latest song ‘’I Love You Babe’’ with you!

Her voice is a beautiful sound for everybody who appreciates a great vocal range with calm and familiar tones. Apart from that, she keeps having thousands of monthly listeners around streaming services like Spotify, where at the moment over 12.000 people are enjoying her music.

‘’I Love You Babe’’ makes that effortless, the song adds value inside her Dance Pop genre Catalogue as has always characterised artists like Suzic. …

For those working with labels or big brands we all know how the game works but when somebody new in the industry walks in, they are blind to the reality, it’s time for you to learn the truth.

Probably all of us have seen big brands like Nike, Adidas, H&M… as well as big artists and celebrities (Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, The Kardashians, Ellen Degeneres…) having millions and millions of followers with hundreds arriving every minute.

How is this even possible?

Of course big amounts of money have a big part on this game but building the Clout effect has all to do with it.

So, What’s Clout Marketing? Long story short is a perfect strategy that begins with a Brand having big numbers on social media, in this case Instagram.

When a big brand or Influencer opens their account they suddenly have…

Uno de los motivos por los cuales cientos miles de Españoles están sufriendo a diario es lo difícil que puede llegar a ser pagar las deudas, tanto si es por impago de hipoteca, la aparición de nuevos gastos, deudas con hacienda o cualquier tipo de problema financiero que pueda aparecer mientras intentamos salir adelante, como Españoles, todos sabemos que esto es un problema real. Lo que desconocemos es que hay formas legales para solucionarlo.

La presión que las deudas originan, los intereses y las complicaciones pueden llevarnos a una deuda de cifras casi inimaginables.

When I read that article about this Billionaires routines they do in the morning I was like… ‘’No way that works, now way I’ll be able to do all that during my mornings’’ but so far the results after some weeks implementing it have made me quite the amount of extra money!

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Fer, I do Music and Marketing for a living while traveling around the planet. I’ve been a Gymnast, a Dancer, Video-editor… list goes on.

To the point, people like me are usually night owls, our peak efficiency is during…

From ‘’Champion Season’’ to ‘’Maybes’’, I’ve been listening to Ellis B’s music for months now and once of the things that capture my eyes is the way he composes his music, not only the arrangements are perfectly on point with his vision, his songwriting skills are excellent.

This is where I mention the titles of his songs, they’re different, unique, catchy and easy to remember and that captures the listener from the first second before they even click play on the song. …

Fer Rivero

Marketing Director of "The Algorithm Agency" Music, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategist

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