• Don Victor

    Don Victor

  • Jonty Thompson

    Jonty Thompson

    Writer/Barista from Melbourne, Australia. Writing about pop culture and general geekery through an anxious lens while attempting personal development.

  • Empowerment Routine

    Empowerment Routine

    Personal empowerment, deep sentimental and various intriguing content.

  • Camilo Muñoz Hernandez

    Camilo Muñoz Hernandez

  • Mushi


    I am a science student leaning more towards tech and philosophies of tech.Not highly intellectual, nor very proficient writer. I love stories, absurd ones.

  • Megan Bald

    Megan Bald

    Healthcare provider of 13+ years turned freelance writer. Short Story Author. Poet. Informative & Opinionated Wordsmith.

  • Christina DeFeo

    Christina DeFeo

    Let’s play a game. Can you learn about me through my stories?

  • BichoDoMato


    UNIK CONTENT PROMISE ••• Stories notifications https://bit.ly/2ZR516s ••• You will be entertained in many ways. Buckle up!

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