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First, let me express that for a long time I’ve kept this story to myself, it took 3 to 4 years to start talking about it properly and stop having nightmares about it but I wanted to give something unique, personal, and special to each person who took the time…

The short answer is Yes, we are surrounded by a Digital World that rewards what society defines as sexy, hot and trendy in the actual moment instead of focusing on actually reaching the deepest areas of our audiences.

This days when I’m working with an artist I no longer know…

We’re glad to announce that this 2022 we’re increasing our team, expanding our reach and working with more artists and businesses than ever before!

Due to this, we are looking for creative Freelancers to join our team and further enhance their skills in a field full of opportunities.

What do we look for?

Freelancers with…

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For a long time, I kept repeating to myself and the people surrounding me that I was busy, I thought busy was good because those we admire always seem busy.

The hard truth is, none of those people looks happy, in fact, upon further inspection, all those who look busy…

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Quitting my job wasn’t easy but like thousands of people these days, I wanted to give myself a chance and play under my own rules instead of working for somebody who had less experience than me.

But before this sounds like a “QUIT YOUR JOB” article, let me quote Allan…

And now I love the gym more than ever!

Nowadays we see how auto-renewal is set in all the stuff we pay. Instead of paying for expensive software like Microsoft Office once in a lifetime, or Adobe products, we are forced to pay monthly in order to use it maybe 3 times per month. …

Since I remember I’ve been dancing, whether during my lesson breaks back in school more than 20 years ago to basically yesterday teaching a dance lesson in Cologne, Germany.

I’ve been to multiple TV programs thanks to my dance and gymnastic skills, I’ve been a worldwide renowned gymnast and danced…

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Before you go ahead, know that you can read the 5 previous parts here.

I’ll remind you quickly of what happened so far:

After 3 weeks of being controlled, lacking food, money and living in deplorable conditions, our denials and bold actions forced our captors to deal with another gang…

Fer Rivero

Recording Artist, Digital & Music Marketing Consultant, Strategist and Director of "The Algorithm Agency"

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